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SONY Products Keygen 2010 New! - [Version 2.0]

SONY Products
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About Sony Creative Software
Sony Creative Software inspires artistic expression with its award-winning line of products for digital video, audio, and music production, as well as industry-leading technology for DVD production and Blu-ray Disc™ authoring. Sound Forge™ Pro, ACID™ Pro, and Vegas™ Pro software have defined digital content creation for a generation of creative professionals. These signature product lines continue to advance media production by providing powerful, accessible tools.

Today, there is a Sony Creative Software application for every level of expertise, including a full line of consumer software based on the company's professional applications. In addition, Sony Creative Software produces the extensive Sony® Sound Series collection of royalty-free loops and samples, Sony Pictures Sound Effects Series exclusive sound effects, and Vision Series video creation assets. Further, the company provides the industry-leading tools for enterprise-level Blu-ray Disc™ authoring: Blu-code™ encoder, Blu-print® software, and on-Q Create® for Blu-ray Java. The company’s customers span the globe and include professionals in the film, television, video game, and recording industries, as well as students, educators, and hobbyists.

Keygen works for the following softwares:
- Sound Forge 9.0 Series
- Sound Forge 10.0 Series
- Sound Forge Audio Studio 9.0 Series
- DVD Architect Pro 4.5-5.0 Series
- DVD Architect Studio 4.5 Series
- Vegas Pro 8.0 Series
- Vegas Pro 8.1 (64 bit) Series
- Vegas Pro 9.0 (32 and 64 bit) Series
- Vegas Movie Studio 8.0 Series
- Vegas Movie Studio 9.0 Series
- Vegas Movie Studio Platinum 8.0 Series
- Vegas Movie Studio Platinum 9.0 Series
- Vegas Movie Studio HD 9.0 Series
- ACID Music Studio 7.0 Series
- ACID Pro 7.0 Series
- ACID Pro 6.0d (Build 363)
- CD Architect 5.2c (Build 214)
- Cinescore 1.0c (Build 271)
- Photo Go 1.0b (Build 123)
- Noise Reduction Plugin 2.0h (Build 451)
- Dolby Digital AC-3 Pro Plugin 1.0 (Build 3060)
- MainConcept MPEG-1&2 Pro Plugin 2.0 (Build 2022)
- ACID Music Studio 8.0 Series
- Sound Forge Audio Studio 10.0 Series
- Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 10.0 Series

Cracking Notes:

1. Disconnect from the Internet during installation, and/or make sure to BLOCK the program from accessing Internet (block unwanted traffic by using e.g. a firewall).
2. Run the keygen, and press the "Continue >" button. (Under Windows Vista/7 do it with administrator rights! Right-click on the keygen, and from the menu choose 'Run as Administrator')
3. Select the product in the keygen that you would like to register.  
4. Make sure that no other Sony programs are running!  
5. Press "Patch" button, and select the program's installation directory. (eg. C:\Program Files\Sony\Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 10.0)  
6. Then select the Shared Plugins folder (if needed). 
7. Now run the program that you want to register. 
8. Press the "Generate" button for a Serial Number and Activaion/Authentication Code. (These codes work in pairs!)  
9. After passing the serial number form, select "Activation from another Computer"  
10. Complete the activation process. Enjoy!!!

Important Notes:
- Block Internet access for the program by using a firewall:
- Block Internet access through 'Program Control' from your firewall.

- Or set 'Program Control' from your firewall to 'Ask what to do/Decide yourself'.
- Make sure to block Internet access for eg. ( C:\Program Files\Sony\Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 10.0\VegasMovieStudioPE100.exe ) (Block internet access for any other file from Vegas Movie Studio HD.)
- If available, uncheck/disable 'Check for updates automatically'.
- Do NOT update the program (do NOT check for program updates!)

Solving Activation Problems (Sony Vegas Pro, Sound Forge 10)
If you want to render something to AC-3 Pro format in Vegas Pro, then select "DVD Architect Pro 4.5-5.0 Series" in the keygen, click "Patch" button, then select the Sony Vegas Pro (!) folder, click OK, and your problem is solved. (It doesn't matter if the keygen gives you an error that the files are already patched or so, it will be pretty good).

If you click the "Patch" button and then the "Cancel" button, the selected app will be unregistered.
(If you need Serial Number only for the new apps, or Serial for the plugins, you don't have to patch anything. After the plugin registration you'll have to restart the app.)

There's an AC3 Pro related bug in Sound Forge 10. The issue can be solved by using the file named "Sound Forge 10 FIX [MART!K].reg" (include in the package).

You have to generate a key for the AC3 plugin with our keygen and then overwrite the appropriate fields (CurrentKey,keyRegFile) with it in the regfile. After that, double click on the Regfile, start Sound Forge 10, and enjoy!

Download Keygen
New Version
- Version 2.0 (Size: 2 MB)
Download from
Download the Keygen Music! 

Old Version
- Version 1.0 (Size: 184 KB)
Download from

Mirror Download Links:
New Version
Download v2.0 from Site 1
Download v2.0 from Site 2

Old Version
Download v1.0 from Site 1
Download v1.0 from Site 2

If you like Sony Products, don't buy them, crack them!


  1. good song in the keygen. Thanks from México

  2. Which version of Vegas Pro 9 does this keygen work with? 9.0e?

  3. on Vegas Pro 9.0e I get the auth code error saying its not right and yes I used the matching serial

  4. The Best!!! works perfect!!

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    It wasn't fit.

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  8. yo bro, i like your work. but one thing: why did you updated your keygen? there is an exact ground?
    please answer. thank you. ur fan f33lix

  9. @Anonymous:
    It's still working, why should I update it?

  10. hi..i cant activated my sony vegas hd platinum 10.0,i hv been download u keygen 2.0..but,its not working...pls help me..what should i do?

  11. it not working for sony acid7 or soundforge10 and I have used it before on another instillation :/

  12. Thank you for your Keygen for Sony Vegas Pro gave me a lot of effort, but finally managed to activate it

  13. hey get the new sony vega pro 10 keygen please

  14. does it support SONY VEGAS PRO 10?

  15. @luis:
    SONY Vegas Pro 10 Patch available at following address:

  16. pls develop some keygens and patch for sony acid studio 64 bit and sound forge 64 bit.plsssssssssssss martik.ama abig big big big fan of you and amallso soread ur name and blog with my progrms and frends


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